Why Rug Restoration Services Are Beneficial

When a Turkish rug is first purchased, the last thing on the purchaser’s mind is restoration. Eventually restoration will be necessary. If you notice any changes in you Turkish rug, that is the time you need to reach out to a professional.
For years, we’ve been both trusted and recommended by clients who need Turkish rug and carpet cleaning and restoration service in the NYC area.
A Turkish rug is definitely a delicate acessory, which means restoration can't be done without professional knowledge. A skilled expert will be needed and our team employs these experts to help both home and business owners who own Turkish rugs and carpets.
After we restore your Turkish rugs we then give them a spotless rug cleaning service, we return your rugs looking, smelling, and feeling wonderful.
We provide recoloring, reweaving, binding, and fringing, and if you want to know more about each of these common rug restoration services, read through the sections below where each one is briefly explained.


Can Turkish Rugs Ever Be Recolored?

Turkish rugs when first purchased are vibrant but with time, spills, foot traffic and pet accidents can damge the coloring. When the color seem to fade it is time for a good recoloring and you should get in touch with our rug recoloring experts. They have been performing rug recoloring work for years, and they will handle your rugs with the utmost care.
You won't have to worry about rug dye running or your rug’s unique design being damaged. We take every precaution to ensure your rug is safe during the recoloring process. Your rug will be returned brand new.

Turkish Rugs Can Benefit From Getting Rug Reweaving

Rug reweaving is a service that Turkish rug owners often need. When a rug begins to unravel the rug is very close to completely falling apart. Those who have damaged rugs—specifically rugs that have been damaged by moths or other insects—can definitely benefit from getting rug reweaving. An effective rug reweaving service will save you from getting a replacement rug.

When Turkish Rug Binding Is Necessary

Rug binding is another service that will save you from having to get a costly rug repair. We use binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine to bind your Turkish rug. We don't usually use the heavy duty sewing machine, as Turkish rugs are quite delicate, but there are some instances when this tool is utilized. When your rug is rebound by us you will be sure that you will enjoy your rug fro many years to come.

Get Turkish Rug Fringing From Our Team

Fringing is another vital rug restoration service, one that may save you from getting a rug replacement. A rug's fringe is like its backbone, so when this is damaged the whole rug liable to fall apart. Our technicians refringe your rug so that you don't have to worry about your rug falling apart over time.